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Please note that we are updating our support materials to reflect the changes in Moodle 4. Some of the screenshots may be outdated.

Moodle is the TWU Learning Management System (LMS), and it is where your course work will be while enrolled with TWU.

Moodle provides a secure web platform that allows students and faculty to access a common, secure space to interact in the context of a particular course. Faculty are able to create or upload resources related to the course, distribute information about assignments and supplementary course materials, create and manage quizzes, and host conversations in the forums. Students are able to contact their faculty and each other, submit assignments, respond to discussion prompts, and complete quizzes.

Moodle is one component of TWU’s Digital Learning Commons, which also includes WordPress, PressBooks, and other platforms maintained by individual faculty.

For help with Moodle, submit a request here:

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Moodle Books - Instructor Guide

Books in Moodle allow instructors to create multi-page resources with a book-like format and table of contents. Multimedia may be embedded and books may be printed entirely or by chapter.

Zoom LTI Pro Integration with Moodle

The Zoom LTI Pro App allows you to connect Zoom with TWU's Moodle LMS, and includes extended features for LTI 1.3.