Connecting to TWU WiFi

See below for Richmond Campus


Langley Campus

Step 1: Connect 

Turn OFF mobile data during setup.

Go to the WiFi settings on your device, and click on the TWU wireless network.


Step 2: Goto a webpage you haven't been to before

This is the most important step!

Type an address ( include www ) of another website that you have never visited before (don't search for it).

This will prompt the registration page.


Step 3: Register 

Students: Press TWU Pass.

Staff and Faculty: Press Employee

Use your regular user name and password to sign in.


- For staff and faculty, make sure to click on Employee and use your TWU login credentials. 
Students enter the same TWU username and password you use for the student portal, and click Connect.

- If you receive an error after selecting Employee, try using an alternate web browser on your device to complete the registration.


Step 4: Read & Agree


Once authenticated, you will be presented with our Acceptable Use Policy. Please read and Click "I Agree".


Step 5: Turn off your WiFi

Wait 2 (two) minutes

Step 6: Turn your WiFi back on, Voila!

You are now automatically connected to the TWU WiFi network for the academic year.

PLEASE NOTE: the expiration date at the bottom of the page, when you would need to register your device again.

Your device (or anti virus software) may tell you the TWU network is "not secure"

This message can be ignored as there is no password to access, but your registration process is actually more secure than TWUGuest.


You can have a maximum five (5) devices registered at any one time. If you exceed this number, the newest device you registered will displace the oldest one.

All registrations are for 1 year. TWIT does this in order to clear out old devices on the network.


Richmond Campus


(Minoru or Lansdowne site)


Please use the following login information:

Network name:   TWU-Richmond

Username           TWU Account Username  (eg. Firstname.lastname)

Password            TWU password


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