Official Documents


You can request your official documents (PDF) via the Student Portal. 

Records or documents are in your digital wallet under the MyCreds application.


Pick Up

The following printed paper documents are available for pick-up at the Service Hub -- located on the first floor of the Reimer Student Center:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Refund Cheques
  • Enrollment Letters/Verification of Enrollment
  • Graduation Letters/Confirmation of Graduation
  • Diplomas (sometimes referred to as Graduation Certificate)

Prior to pick-up, please make sure that you have ordered your documents & received a notification that it is ready for pick-up.

Please ensure you have the following when picking up your document(s):

  • 1 piece of Photo ID

If you are a third-party picking up on behalf of the student/alumni, please ensure you have the following when picking up the the student's/alumni's document(s):

  • 1 piece of your Photo ID (not the student's/alumni's)


  1. Order your eRecord in the Student Portal.
  2. Your eRecord will be uploaded directly to your digital wallet in MyCreds™ within 1 hour, except where noted in the portal.
  3. When your eRecord is ready, you will receive an email notification from MyCreds™. The notification will be sent to your email.
  4. Use the link in the email to register and create your MyCreds™ account. You will use this account to access and share your eRecord.
  5. After creating your MyCreds™ account you will be prompted to pay for your eRecord before you can share it. Learn more about sharing here.

To order printed or paper-based documents, please go to the Service Hub, or follow this link to order a Printed Official Transcript.

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