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Congratulations on being accepted to Trinity Western University! The article below is a helpful guide for new students as they start their journey at TWU.

Table of Contents

  1. New Student Setup 
  2. Common Errors
  3. List of Services/Resources

New Student Setup

When students are admitted to TWU, student emails are created for the student. This email is made up of the student's name + (ex.

Information about the TWU Account will be sent from the Admission's Team. This email will include:

  • Instructions to activate the account
  • TWU account username
  • TWU email
  • TWU Student ID

Activating Your Account

  1. You will receive an e-mail from Admissions with your TWU Student Account credentials
  2. Click on the "ACTIVATE your account" link. Please Note the link will expire after 48 hours
  3. Fill out the fields required

  4. Once you have Activated your account, you will need to wait one (1) hour for your account to activate before you can use it
    • If you try to sign in before the one (1) hour hour mark, you will receive a message that your password/user name is incorrect

Please remember, your login for accessing TWU resources is always the password you just set with your TWU Account username. You will NEVER login to TWU with your student ID number or personal email address

Here are some common errors that you may run into:

  • You did not receive an e-mail with from the Admissions Team
  • You have waited one hour and still cannot access your account
  • You did not activate your account in the first 48 hours (the link has expired)

If you run into any error option, you will need to Reset Your Password & Activate your Account. By re-setting your password, you will receive an e-mail with your TWU account username​​​​​​and a Temporary Password. You can use that information to activate your account. 

Reset Your Password & Activate Your Account

  1. In order to do please follow the "Option A: Forget Password" option, in this article
  2. Once you have followed the instructions, a link will be sent to your personal email that will allow you to set your password
    • Please Note: Your personal email address is the one you would have applied to TWU/contacting TWU staff with
    • If the e-mail on file is one you don't recognize or you no longer use, please see below for further steps
  3. Once you have set your password, please sign in to to synchronize your account for the first time. You MUST do this to be able to use your TWU Account.

  4. Please allow up to one (1) hour for your new account to setup & sync.


If you still cannot access your account, contact TWU Service Hub and our team will be glad to assist you.

You are now ready to start your academic journey at TWU. If you have have any further, please feel free to contact TWU Service Hub!

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