How to Read My Financial/Account Statement

If you are in one of the following programs your statement will look different and the following information may not apply:
  • MA Lead
  • BA Lead
  • PSYC Degree Completion
  • Any Certificate Program
Please see Reviewing Your Account Statement (TWU GLOBAL)


When reviewing your statement, identifying how much you owe can be found in the Account Summary, which is located on the top right corner of your Account Statement.


As we take a closer look at the Account Summary, the definitions of each row can be found below

Overdue Balance on Account (DUE NOW) or Previous Balance on Account: this row provides you with information of any credits or balances you may have from a previous semester.

  • If it is Red, the amount listed needs to be paid immediately. If not paid immediately, you will have an AR hold (you can find the implications here).
  • If the amount listed is $0.00, you do not have a balance or a credit.
  • If the amount listed is negative, the amount listed is a credit from your previous semester that will be automatically applied to your account.

Semester Costs: this row provides the total of all the charges for the specific year & term listed.

Semester Payments: this row provides the total of all the payments for the specific year & term listed. This includes your payments, as well as any credit adjustments applied to your account.

  • If you recently made an online payment, please note that it can take 3 – 7 days to show up on your statement.

CURRENT STATEMENT BALANCE: also meaning total balance owing to date. This row is the most important as it provides you with the amount you owe to date (i.e. the date you run your statement) – it takes into account any balances/credits from your previous semester, your semester costs, and any payments that have been applied to your account.


When are my payments due?

Summary for the example image:

-838 + 11,141 - 3,500 = $6,803.00 owing for the current semester. Breaking down the total due: 1232.50 is due on Sep 15, 2785.25 is due Oct 15, and 2782.25 is due Nov 15. This student has already covered the first payment, which is due Aug 15.

The first payment of the semester secures your registration in courses.

See our Payment Dates page for more information.



If your Account Summary seems incorrect to you, you may do the following:

  • If you have concerns regarding the balance/credit from a previous semester, you can review your transactions from all previous semesters starting at Page 2 of your Account Statement.
  • If you have concerns regarding your current Semester Costs or Payments, you can review the transactions for the current semester listed underneath the Account Summary. 
  • If you need more information regarding any fees (e.g. Infrastructure Technology Activity fee, etc.), please see our Student Fees page here.

If you’ve reviewed everything above and still have questions, please contact the helpdesk.

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