3. ACCEPT: Accepting your Housing Offer


Review all the steps of the Housing Application Process

Housing offers must be accepted in your Student Portal

If you have already applied for housing, this article will help you understand the Housing Offer processes. For more information regarding the Housing Application - please CLICK HERE

When you get an offer for housing, you will be presented with an ACCEPT/DECLINE option.

Accept Offer 

  • Accepting within 7 days, enables you to secure housing at TWU after making a deposit (pre-payment). This charge will be applied to your account. Change requests may be possible during the designated change window, depending on availability and meeting Residence Life's room configuration requirements.
  • If you accept and don't make a deposit within 7 days, you lose your option to secure housing. The pre-payment will still be applied to your account. Your application will be withdrawn.

Decline Offer  

  • Declining your offer means withdrawing your housing application at TWU. Your housing offer will go to the next application in queue, and your assigned roommate will be matched with someone else.
  • No charges will be applied to your account.

No Action

  • If you don't take any action, your application will be withdrawn in 7 days. No charges will be applied to your account.
Important Dates and Deadlines
Apartment Offer
Dorm Offer
How to Request a Change (Building / Roommate)




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