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Updated for clarity: March 6/2024

Apartment Eligibility

Apartment housing placement is now using an “Apartment Lottery” to ensure all students that apply before the priority deadline receive a fair and equal chance of getting into an apartment.  Click HERE to review all the steps of the Housing Application Process

Lottery Process: 


  1. Apartment application is on March 1st and will remain open. The priority deadline is March 15th at midnight. 
  2. Applications received by the priority deadline are assigned a random lottery number on March 16th. If you don't see your number in your Student Portal, check that your application is filled out completely and submitted.

  1. Priority for Apartment Housing offers:

    1. Complete Groups by Lottery Number: (ie. 4 applicants naming each other out of 4 beds) will be evaluated in order of lowest lottery number in the group, for an apartment. All students in the complete group will be offered the apartment. 

    2. Incomplete Groups by Lottery Number: The lottery number will determine your apartment offering order.  The lowest lottery number will be evaluated first, and so on in ascending order. 

  1. If there is remaining apartment availability, we will try to accommodate students without complete groups based on the Housing application selection and specific requests. 



  • If you did not get a lottery number, you missed the priority deadline

    • You can choose to remain in the apartments wait list

    • If you opted for Room & Board as a secondary option, wait for the Room & Board reveal date

  • Specific requests will be honored if availability allows.  

  • Housing offers are based on availability. If you receive an offer, you can accept or decline it.

    • Accepting will guarantee housing for you at TWU. If you accept and don't make a deposit within 7 days, you lose your option to secure housing. The pre-payment will still be applied to your account. Your application will be withdrawn.

    • Declining will constitute as a withdrawal. 

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