How to Post in Forums

Table of Contents

  1. Instructions
    1. Submit your own forum post.
    2. Responding to a discussion topic posted by your instructor or peer
    3. Timeline to edit an original post


To submit your own forum post.

  1. To start, select the Forum in which you want to post.

  2. Click 'Add discussion topic'.

  3. Enter a subject line and message. Use the formatting tools to add headings, links, images, etc. You can also use the microphone icon to record an audio message.

  • You will have 15 minutes to edit your post. During that time, others in the course will not be able to see your post.



Some forums may require you to respond to a discussion topic.

  1. If this is the case, when you arrive in the forum, find the current topic to which you are required to respond. Within that topic, you will now see the already posted discussions by your classmates or Professor.

  2. Select the entry you would like to reply to. To post a response to the discussion question, select the discussion and then then "Reply" button beneath the original post.


  3. Enter your reply and click 'Post to forum'. You will have 15 minutes to edit your post.
    Click 'Advanced' if you want to use the formatting toolbar.



Timeline to edit original posts.

You can edit your discussion topic for 15 minutes after posting. You can delete your posts or responses at any time.

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