IDC/BA Leadership: Registration Information + Guidelines

 Please note that you will NOT be able to register for courses online if you have not done the following: 

  • Set up your TWU Account and made sure you are able to log in: if you have not set up your TWU account or have forgotten your login information, please follow the instructions here and wait one hour before logging in.
    • To check if you are able to log in, please visit the link here
  • Cleared your Student Account: to check your balance, please click here. To make a payment, please click here
  • Met with your adviser for Academic Advising: if you have not yet set up a meeting with your advisor & are unsure how to, please submit a ticket here

Registration Information & Dates:

Registration is now ONLINE and the responsibility of the student after you've met with your adviser. The self-registration site is available all year round, and new semester information will appear approximately 6 weeks prior to registration.

Students are assigned a date when they can begin registration based on the number of credits completed at the end of the current semester. Please see below for the registration dates for this semester:

  • June 24: Students who will have completed 105 credits or more
  • June 25: Students who have completed 90 credits or more
  • June 26: Students who have completed less than 90 credits

Online Registration Instructions:

For instructions on how to register online, please watch the video –


Add/Drop Guidelines:

Adding/dropping courses without a financial penalty requires you to make your course changes before the add/drop date. Please see below for the add/drop dates:

  • During the FA/SP semesters, the add/drop dates are listed here.
  • During the SU semester, adding/dropping courses is an option by the first day of the course.

Please note that any course changes made after the dates listed above are subject to withdrawal fees. Withdrawal fee schedules are listed below:

  • During the FA/SP semesters, withdrawal guidelines and fees for 12-week courses are listed here.
  • During the SU semester, tuition is not refundable after the first day of courses.

If you'd like to withdraw from a course after Week 3, please note that you must submit a ticket request here, which will then be reviewed by your advisor. 

For questions regarding Registration, Grad Info, Student Letters, Tuition, Transcripts, please submit a Help Desk Ticket here.

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