Why is My Course Not Showing?

If you do not see a course you registered for on your Moodle dashboard, please review the information below:

  • Your instructor has not set the course to 'Visible' yet
    • All courses are hidden from students by default and have to be made visible manually
    • Please contact your Instructor to find out when the course will be made visible
  • You are not properly registered for the course
    • Please submit a ticket here for assistance. 
  • You registered very recently and our system has not synchronized yet
    • We synchronize Moodle with Jenzabar (our database of registrations) every 6 hours (6:00am, 12:00 noon, 6:00pm, and 12:00 midnight). If your course isn't showing after the sync times mentioned, submit a ticket here for assistance. 
  • Your My Courses list is only showing some of your courses
    • On your My courses list, under Course Overview, use the dropdown filter to show 'All' courses.


If you've gone through the scenarios above and still don't see your course, please submit a ticket here for further assistance.

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