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Here is a List of Commonly Used Acronyms Used at TWU.



 Academic Business Meeting


 Associated Canadian Theological Seminaries


 Academic Freedom Joint Task Force


 Academic Research Council


 Academic Review Day


 Canada Institute of Linguistics


 Core Assessment Team


 Core Curriculum Review Task Force


 Course Evaluation Review Task Force


 Core Implementation Committee


 Catholic Pacific College


 University Senate Curriculum Subcommittee


 The building where the Mail Centre, TWUSA office and Wellness Centre is located.
 Also home to first and second year male students.


 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


 Experiential and Embodied Learning Council


 Experiential Learning and Learning Environment Council


 Faculty Association


 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


 Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences


 Foundations 101 Advisory Committee (also


 Faculty Professional Learning Committee


 Faculty Work Environment Committee


 Graduate Academic Council


 Graduate Counselling Student Council


 Global Learning Centre


 Honourary Doctorate Nomination Committee


 Innovation Academic Council


 Indigenous Partnership Council


 Joint Administrative Council (part of ACTS)


 Laurentian Leadership Centre

 Mars Hill

 University Newspaper


 Neufeld Science Centre


 Senate Nominating Committee


 Operations Committee (part of ACTS)


 President's Cabinet


 University Senate Planning, Policy & Regulations Subcommittee


 University Senate Research and Academic Support Subcommittee


 Robert N. Thompson Building


 School of the Arts, Media + Culture


 Strategic Academic Plan Task Force


 School of Business


 School of Education

 Seal Kap

 Name for the building that houses many of the Religious Studies professors' offices


 Student Experience of Teaching and Learning (new course evaluation questionnaire)


 School of Graduate Studies


 School of Human Kinetics


 Student Learning Outcomes

 SN or SON

 School of Nursing


 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


 TWU's Sports Team Name


 Spartan Mascot


 Senate Review Committee


 Strategic Systems Team

 The Atrium

 Area in Reimer Student Centre next to the library.

 The Pillar

 University Yearbook


 Tianjin University of Finance and Economics


 Truth & Reconciliation Committee


 Trinity Western University Foundation - US


 Trinity Western University Student Association


 Undergraduate Academic Counselling


 University Communications


 University Policy Council


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