Office 365 Groups

With the move to online delivery, All Classes in Jenzabar/ICS are automatically sync’d to Office 365 to create a Group.

Some classes may not have been offered, but still will get a Group since they were created in Jenzabar.

The Group is set with the Faculty teaching the course as the Owner, and the Students as Members.

Anyone listed in JZ under that class will be a member of the Group.


Group Functions

These groups can be used for various online tasks:

  • TEAMS chat within the group
  • STREAMS video sharing to the group
  • EMAIL all class members at once
  • FILE sharing within the group


Retention Policy

Each group is set with a 1 year expiration after the last recorded activity.

The following user actions cause automatic group renewal:

  • SharePoint: View, edit, download, move, share, or upload files
  • Outlook: Join group, read/write group message from group space, Like a message (in Outlook Web Access)
  • Teams: Visit a Teams channel


After 11 months, the Owner will receive an email warning that the group will expire.

7 days before expiry, another email notification will go to the Owner regarding the pending deadline.


The owner or members may perform any of the actions listed above to retain the content indefinitely.

Or use the Renew Group or Delete Group hyperlinks in the notification email to expedite the process.

Or you may download any content you want to retain and allow the Group to expire.


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