Forwarding your Desk Phone to another phone


1.  On your MITEL handset, press the Menu button.  (This is usually a blue button.)

2.  Press NO or the hash (#) button until you get to CALL FORWARDING.

3.  Press YES or the star (*) to go into this setting

4.  You can choose to forward: ALWAYS, BUSY (from INTERNAL line), BUSY (from EXTERNAL line), or NOT AVAILABLE (INTERNAL or EXTERNAL).

5.  Press star (*) to REVIEW the current setting. Press (#) to go to the next option.

6.  When Reviewing, press (*) to CHANGE the number. 

7.  Press (*) again to PROGRAM a new number. Type the number you want to Forward to (include a "9" if you want to dial out).

8.  Press the down arrow to SAVE the change.

9.  Press the (*) again to go back into the CHANGE.

10.  Press the (#) to TURNON the setting.

11.  Once Always Forward is turned on, you will see your Line with a solid green light to indicate the phone is in forwarding mode.



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