WePresent Wireless Projection

WePresent WiPG-1000 and WiPG-1600 Wireless Presentation Gateway

Purpose: This system allows for wireless desktop sharing

Wireless presentation systems are operational in the following venues: Block Hall, classrooms NEU A9,  RNT 124, NWB 110, Northwest Auditorium, the School of Nursing Conference Room NEU B38,  and the School of Education Portable.

To access and use these systems, follow these steps:


1. Turn on display (projector/ TV) by pressing the ON button on the display controller (on the wall)

2. Press Wireless to select the wireless presentation gateway
The WePresent splash page is displayed.
Look for this information: IP address and 4-digit Code
**The IP address of the device is static. The code changes after each use**

IMPORTANT: laptop must be connected to the TWUStaff SSID. Only Faculty with Trinity Western login are able to connect and use the WePresent system. Students and guests are unable to use this system.


How to connect:

Step A. Look for the IP address that is shown on the large display. Depending on the location it will be one of the following:
Block Hall:

NEU B38:

RNT 124: 

NWB 110: 

NWB Auditorium:

SOE Portable:


Step B: Type the device IP address in your browser and hit Enter. The webpage gives the option to download a small utility called MirrorOp. If you already have MirrorOp installed skip this step. Otherwise download and install the appropriate version (Windows or Mac).

*Note: the MirrorOp utility needs to be downloaded and installed once only.

Step C: Start MirrorOp (it is easiest to leave the MirrorOp shortcut on the desktop for future use). Enter the appropriate IP address at the bottom:

Block Hall:

NEU B38:

RNT 124:

NWB 110: 

NWB Auditorium:

SOE Portable:


Step D: Enter the code as seen on the TV screen and hit OK.
The connection has been established when the MirrorOp window changes to a bar.

Step E. Press the Play button to begin sharing your desktop.
You will notice the mouse pointer moving on both screens. If it is not moving, make sure Pause or Stop have not been pressed.

MirrorOp has a feature that allows for either desktop sharing (Duplicate) or Extend. This can be set in the menu: click on the gear symbol at the top left of the MirrorOp app. Then click on Preferences and select the Advanced tab where the Mode can be set to the desired option (Duplicate or Extend).

Step F: When finishing with the presentation, press Stop. Press Play to reconnect if needed.
*Note: When MirrorOp is closed (the X at the top), the code will change and one must follow the instructions starting with Step C
to Step E to reconnect.
*Note: MirrorOp may remember the WePresent devices you connected to. Click on the appropriate link to connect next time without having to enter the IP address again. You will be prompted to enter the new code. Or add device to Favorites in your MirrorOp app for easier access next time.


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