TWU Mobile Phone Contract Details

Telus monthly plans & details <-- this needsd to be updated

Telus Phone List and Costs


3 years (early upgrade after 2 years)

New activations receive $200 welcome bonus ($50/month first 4 months)


Monthly Billing Date

13th of the month



I.T. handles the contract and procurement, then it’s up to the various departments to navigate costs incurred from that point on (repair, replacement, billing overages, roaming) Don't hesitate to contact us.



$100 fee for cancelling a phone line before 36 months

*In the event of a personnel change, you have the option of releasing the number and retaining the contract for the new hire 


Maternity or Extended Leave

You can put a hold on a line if employee will be away

This will avoid the termination fee.

Talk to Service Desk to discuss options



USA roaming is set with an automatic rate charge as soon as you make a call or consume data, effective for billing month. $20/ unlimited calls. $30/ 500MB

If you are permanently located in the USA, please talk to the Service Desk to discuss options

For all other roaming charges, please contact the Service Desk here or email



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