Searching / Filtering Tickets

After tickets have been created, you can search for them in your application tab within TDNext.


Note: If you plan to be working on searches/filters in the Tickets tab for a little while, it might be a good idea to turn off your Auto Refresh. When it refreshes the page, you're kicked back over to the Desktop tab and you lose any filters you had set on your Tickets tab. Turning off the refresh might save you some frustration.

From the left-hand side of the screen, click on Tickets. This will pull up all open tickets, with the most recently modified at the top.

You can then use the filter at the top-right to find certain tickets or groups of tickets. You can also search by ticket ID number in the bar above. This automatically opens the ticket in a pop-up, which may be blocked by your browser.

There are many options of fields to filter from. Ticket ID, Requestor, Responsible, Status, etc. Let's say a customer submitted a ticket about some issue last week, and they wanted to know who followed up with them. You can then enter that customer's name in the Requestor field to see what tickets they've submitted and go from there. Maybe you have a current ticket and remember resolving a similar issue yesterday. You can enter your name in the Responsible field, Resolved in the Current Status field, and yesterday's date in the Date Created From and To fields. It's a pretty easy system, and you've got lots of options to work with.

Note: By default, the Current Status field is set to only include open tickets. If you're looking for any Resolved, Cancelled, or Closed tickets, you'll need to check those boxes. If you aren't sure of the status of the ticket, Select All is a great way to go.

When you're done setting your fields, click Apply in green at the top. You'll then be able to see your filtered results.

Click on the title of the ticket to view it in a separate window.


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