Merging Tickets


Customers will sometimes submit multiple tickets for the same issue. Maybe they hit 'forgot password' for their email five times. Maybe they called and left a voicemail and then submitted a ticket online. Maybe they wrote in repeatedly over the weekend. Regardless of the situation, you've got more than one ticket for only one incident.

Simple solution: merge them!

The first thing you'll need to determine is which ticket you would like to keep as the main ticket. (Maybe one is older or has more information on it, etc.) You'll want to copy this ticket ID. Here's a quick way to do that: Open up the ticket by clicking on its title. You'll see the Incident ID# in a small box near the top. Click that box. The Ticket ID is now copied to your clipboard.

Next go to the ticket that you're wanting to merge. Open up that ticket, click on Actions, then click on Merge Into.

In the new window that pops up, paste the Ticket ID into the To Ticket field. Then click on the correct ticket name that should pop up below that field. In the below example, "Mobile Phone Upgrade" would appear. (You can alternatively use the lookup feature on the right side of the bar and copy the ID in the next window that pops up.)

Your selection will appear in the To Ticket field of the Merge Incident window. Check the box to Move Ticket Tasks, as well as any other pertinent commands, then click Save.

Your tickets are now merged. The main ticket will appear as normal. The merged ticket will no longer have its own location. It will appear on the main ticket feed as below.

If you search the ticket ID for a merged incident, you'll see this message.


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