Creating Tickets in TDNext


If you have to create a request on your TDNext application tab.

Select +Quick Entry or +New under the tab.

For Source, select the appropriate selection depending on the request.   

  • Enter the name of the customer in Requestor. If you did not catch the person's name, or if it does not come up in the search, enter your own name as the requestor. (You can include the person's name in the description if it wasn't showing up.) 


  • If you only know the email address, you can create a public form request through the Portal.


  • Acct/Dept will autofill.
  • If you handled or are handling the ticket, put your own name in Responsible. If you are assigning another team member to handle the ticket, put their name.
  • Enter the Subject Line and Description with a title and all the details of how you served the customer, or what issue the customer has so that someone can follow up with them.
  • Choose the relevant Type for the request.
  • Choose the correct Status for the ticket.
  • After you've created the ticket, you have options to view the incident you just created, to create another ticket, or to close the window.


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