Print from USB on Copier

PDF only

USB must be formatted in FAT32


When printing a document from a USB, copiers are NOT able to print Microsoft Office documents, only PDF format. The USB must be formatted in FAT32, not NTFS.

Before you print from USB, please make sure that the USB is formatted correctly, and convert any documents you wish to print into PDF.


Follow these steps to print from USB:

  1. Log in to the copier with your 5 digit passcode. 

  1. Insert USB stick into the port on the front right side of the copier near the top.
  2. Move the Blue Bar down at the top of the screen by clicking on it.

  1. Click the "Copy" button at the top of the screen. 

  1. On the drop down menu, select the option 'Document Filing'

  1. On the Left, click: Select File from USB Memory to Print

  1. You should now see your PDF files on your USB device.

  1. Select the file(s) you want to print

  1. Change any settings before printing. Press "Start" to print.




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