Telus Voicemail

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Retrieve and delete mobile voicemail messages

From your mobile device

  1. Dial 1 + your 10-digit phone number + Send
  2. When prompted, enter your password
  3. Follow the voice prompts

Note: Regular airtime charges apply. If you're calling within Canada, retrieving your voicemail messages is a toll-free call. If you're in the U.S. or elsewhere, roaming and long distance charges will apply.

From a landline:

  1. Enter your 10-digit phone number (local). If long distance, enter 1 first
  2. Press * to interrupt greeting
  3. Enter your password
  4. Follow the voice prompts

Note: If you’re calling long distance to retrieve your messages, long distance charges will apply.

Deleted and expired messages

  • A new “Deleted Message” folder is available. All messages that you delete or that are system-deleted due to reaching their expiry date will be moved into the “Deleted Messages” folder
  • You have 48 hours from the date of deletion to recover any messages before they are permanently erased
  • To recover messages you just deleted before disconnecting press *3 from the main menu
  • To recover messages you deleted in a previous login as well as any recently expired messages, press 19 from the main menu

When a message is about to expire, it will move to the deleted message folder on its expiry date. You’ll have 48 hours to recover that message. When you log in, the system will tell you how many messages are in your deleted folder. You can review and recover them by pressing 19 from the main menu.

Download the handy TELUS Voicemail Quick Reference Guide for feature reference and helpful tips.


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