Customizing Windows 10

There are lots of new ways to customize your desktop, start menu, taskbar, and more in Windows 10.  We'll only focus on a few essential tips here, but make sure to check out this article if you would like to learn about more things you can customize as you'd like.


Arranging Tiles in the Start Menu

You may have noticed that when you click on the start menu, Windows displays a bunch of square tiles alongside the regular menu you're more familiar with.

If you grab the edges on the right or on the top, you can click and drag these tiles (this can't eliminate them entirely, only resize how much space they take up).


Removing Tiles from the Start Menu

You can unpin individual tiles from your start menu as well.

If you unpin all the tiles from your start menu, then your Start Menu will shrink down to its "normal" size the next time you open it.


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