How-To Log Into Vena

*To request access to VENA, please contact Finance


If you are on a Mac, first make sure you have connected to your Windows Desktop. Read, the article on How-To Access Vena for Macs for more details. Note: you will need to be on the TWU network to access your Windows desktop. Make sure you are:

  1. Plugged in to the network (wired connection)
  2. or, Connected to TWUStaff WiFi
  3. or, Using VPN (instructions here: )

Log In Instructions

  1. To access Vena, visit: The log in page will look like this:
  2. Enter your TWU username in the format <username> followed by your password. Note: Your username may not be the same as your email address. Your username is what you enter to log into your computer. For instance your email address may be but your computer username may be jsmith. In this case you should enter as your Vena username followed by your regular TWU password.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you are on a Mac and cannot connect to your Windows desktop, make sure you are on the TWU network. Make sure you are:
    • plugged in to the network
    • or connected to TWUStaff WiFi
    • or using VPN
  • Make sure you visit and see the login page above. If your login page looks different, your are at the wrong site.
  • Make sure you are entering your correct username, this may not be your TWU email address



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