The Menus Option

See prior Knowledge Base article on 'Menus in Wordpress'

After creating a Menu name, the following are instructions on how to arrange your headings for your site

  • With your content already created (Pages, Posts, etc.) it is now time to arrange it  with a flow that would be appealing to visitors to the site. Before the Menus are created, your site is a blank slate much like what is displayed below.

  • First establish what your main menu headings will be on your site. These can be Pages or Posts. Then select 'Add to Menu'.

  • Add all desired items.

  • Next, you can adjust each items to either be a Menu Heading or a Sub Item.

  • Once you have created your desired Menu layout you can then 'Save Menu'

  • Congratulations you have just created your site. Feel free to repeat these steps to make sure your content is arranged the way you desire.


For mor information on creating your Menus for your site see the following link:


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