How-To Access Vena for Macs

*To request access to VENA, please contact Finance


Network Requirements

You can work with Vena from anywhere. If you are on campus, you will need to connect in one of two ways:

  1. Wired network connection
  2. WiFi network connection using the TWUStaff WiFi network.
    • When using WiFi on campus, if your computer does not automatically connect to the TWUStaff WiFi network, you will need to request assistance here: Create Ticket: Getting connected to Wi-Fi

If you are off campus, you will need VPN. If you need assistance connecting with VPN, please contact the TWIT service desk.

1. Setup Remote Desktop

You will need Microsoft Remote Desktop installed and configured to access Vena.

  1. Open the App Store

  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Install the App
    The current app version is 10.7.1 on Dec 13, 2021 and the version number will be higher in the future.
  4. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop
    1. Open Finder
    2. Select Applications
    3. Select Microsoft Remote Desktop from the list of applications
  5. Click on + and select Add PC to create a new connection 

  6. Configure the following settings in the Edit Remote Desktops dialog:
    1. PC Name:
    2. Friendly Name: Vena
    3. Select Add a User Account listed under User Account:
      User name
      : <username>
      Password: Type in your password
    4. Click Add at the bottom of the dialog box to save these settings




  7. Choose the VEVA desktop and hover over Connections and click Connect

  8. If a Verify Certificate dialog appears, select Continue

  9. You will now be connected to your Windows desktop
  10. Your Remote Desktop setup is complete. Please review the following article to Install the Vena Add-In


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