Working with Tickets - basic interactions


There are four (4) ways to interact with a ticket:

  1. Hit reply to an emailed comment

    • This will automatically notify the person who last commented through TD
  2. Through the Client Portal

    • This only has limited functionality and you will miss some details
    • You will know you are in Client Portal by URL (
    • You can comment and add an attachment to ticket

  3. Through your configured TD Desktop

    • Clicking through your tickets in your reports
    • This will open the ticketing app and details of the issue
  4. Through the Ticketing App

    The Ticketing App is the Tab of your department with the Desktop within TD (TDNext)
    This is the most comprehensive way to interact with Tickets.

    With the Ticket App, you can do the following:
    • Sort through all tickets
    • See all the details of the ticket
    • Add contacts (People Tab)  on ticket to notify anyone on TD (be sure to add the names to the comment box)
    • Make private comments that will not be seen by customers
    • Update the status
    • Reassign the issue
    • Add attachments




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