Creating a Report


You can use the My Work App to see your tickets and tasks, but creating a report will be much more powerful and useful to you to track your own queue.

Create your Report

Go into your TD Request Application (TDNext).
Click New --> Report to create a custom Ticket report.


Name your Report

You are presented with default columns for reporting.
You can add or subtract what attributes of the ticket you want to see.

*Recommend that you add the "Modified By" column. This will allow you to see the last person to comment or update your ticket.

You can edit the way you want your columns to be ordered for a view that pleases you.

Filter Your Report

Next you need to filter out your report to only see tickets your are involved in.
See the example of filtering tickets assigned to Dan that are open.

If you are part of a team, you may want a separate report for:
"Primary Responsible" --> "is a member of" --> "your team"

The Advanced Tab is for using IF / AND statements to increase the power of your filtering.

Order Your Report

Next you can order your tickets in your report.

The last few configurations aren't as important.
You should set the visibility to "Just Me" so it doesn't show up on everyone's desktop.

Next you will need to add this report to your Desktop




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