Creating your Course

Uploading your course content

Getting Started

Start on your Course Homepage and follow these steps to create your course.
If you are ever unsure what the purpose of a specific feature is, simply click on the question mark Question.png to view an explanation.

  1. You will find the Editing Button.png button in the top right corner of your Course Homepage. Before any changes can be made in your course, you must click this button.


  2. Once in Editing Mode, you will see a Number of weeks/topics dropdown menu in the upper right quadrant of your Course Homepage. Select the number of sections that best suits the layout of your course. Creating one section for each week of the course works well for many TWU Instructors (e.g. 12 sections for a 12 week course).

Link to a File or Website

You may want to add Resources to your course page. The most commonly used Resource is Link to a file or web site. Add Resource.png

The Link to a file or web site feature allows you to either display a link to an outside website, or a link to another TWU page.This may be especially useful if you want students to view a specific journal article from the TWU Library website, or post a document that is saved on your computer.For example, this is how you would post the course syllabus:

  1. Choose Link to a file or web site from the Add a Resource dropdown menu shown above.

  2. On the next page, entitled Adding a New Resource, enter a Name for your link (Make this name something that your students will easily recognize.) then scroll down to the section

Upload File.png
  • To post a link to an outside website:

    1. Copy (Ctrl + C) the URL (web address) of the website and Paste (Ctrl + V) it into this box.

    2. Scroll down and click Save and return to course. That’s it.

  • To post a document that is saved on your computer:

    1. Click Choose or upload a file...

    2. In the pop-up window, select the Upload a File button in the Action column.

    3. Browse for the file on your computer, click Open, then click Upload this file.

    4. You will be taken back to the screen with all of your previous uploaded documents and files

      MyCourses CHOOSE picture.PNG
    5. Scroll to the right side of this screen and select the (1) "CHOOSE" link that corresponds with the file you just uploaded

      1. Do ***NOT*** click the link that has the name of the document, this will only serve to open the document (instead of creating a link).

    6. You will now return to the page that you initially set up.

    7. Scroll down and click Save and return to course. That’s it.


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