Understanding the MyCourses Overview Page

Your MyCourses Overview Page

After logging in, you will see an overview page with a list of your courses, Useful Links, and Announcements. You will not see any courses that you are on the wait list for.

Match the numbers in the screenshot to the numbered list below.

File:MyCourses Overview.png
  1. Contact the eSupport Team for further assistance with MyCourses.
  2. Courses are organized by semester. Expand or collapse the courses in any particular semester by clicking the +/- symbol on the right hand side of the semester heading.
  3. Click on a course name to view the content that the Instructor has posted.
  4. It is important to check these announcements often; they are sent out by MyCourses site administrators.
Once you have clicked on a course name (3), you will be directed to the Course Homepage where you will see all of the resources and activities that the instructor has posted.


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