Booking a Meeting with Rooms

As of March 2018, we have migrated meeting rooms to Office 365.

Creating a Meeting

1.  In Outlook, click on the calendar icon located at the bottom-right of the window.

2.  Click on New Meeting.

3.  Add any other attendees you want to invite to the event, enter a relevant subject, and select the meeting times.

4.  Click on Rooms.

5.  Double-click on the room you would like to book, then click OK.  For tips on checking room availability, see the next section at the bottom of this article. 

6.  Click Send.  The room will automatically be booked for that time, and all attendees will receive an invite.


Scheduling Assitant

The easiest way to check a room's bookings at a glance is by using the Scheduling Assistant.

1. Using the meeting example above, click on Scheduling Assistant before sending out the meeting (located above your meeting details).

2.  This will bring up a new view of the same meeting, with the room and all attendees listed on a grid.  As we can see from the photo below, our desired meeting time of 1:00-1:30 conflicts with another appointment already made with RSC Board of Governors' Hall.

3.  To adjust the time, either use the drop-down menus below the grid, or click and drag the meeting time on the grid itself.

4.  If there are no available times in the room you would like to book, you can easily add a different room by clicking the Add Rooms... button at the bottom-left.  You can also invite more attendees to your meeting with the Add Attendees button.  See the section above if you need help adding rooms with this method.

5.  You can add more than one room at once, and then select only one meeting room that you would like to book.  This is an easy way to view multiple options at a time if you're not sure what is available.

6.  You can also send the meeting from this view by clicking Send, or you can click back on the Appointment button at the top to return to the meeting details.




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