Why is my class list on MyCourses wrong?

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There are a few possible things that can happen with your course list:

  1. It may show courses that you are not in.

  2. It may not show courses that you really are in.

  3. It may show the wrong course for a cross-listed course.

If either of the first two situations fit you, first you should contact Enrollment Services to see how your schedule is set up. If you are listed in the wrong courses, or are still wait-listed and not yet current in the course, then your course list will not be accurate on MyCourses.

For cross-listed courses, you may not see the correct course listed, but that's okay! With cross-listed courses there is always one main course that they all are centered around, lets call it the "parent course." That is the actual course you will see. The other courses don't really exist as much as they are aliases. For example, CLASS 101 and COURSE 101 may be cross-listed courses, with COURSE 101 being the parent course. If you are enrolled in CLASS 101, you will see COURSE 101 in MyCourses instead.


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