File Size in MyCourses

When uploading files to myCourses, there is a 50 MB limit on the file size. The limit exists to keep people from uploading files that are larger than necessary and might cause problems for people downloading them over slow connections. If you need to upload a file which is over the limit, there are several solutions.

The easiest solution is to try compressing it in a ZIP file. Depending on the type of file, this might work.

If a ZIP file doesn’t, think about the format it’s in. Some formats are more efficient and compressed than others. For office documents, (especially Microsoft Office) try converting it to a PDF. PDFs are often about one-fifth the size. PDF is also much better at maintain formating and styling between different computers.

If the aboves solutions won’t work, contact eSupport and we will see if we can change the upload limits.


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