Creating a request for service

Log In to the Service Desk Website


  1.  Goto

    • or from TWU main website, navigate to the top of the page
    • Select Students or Staff/Faculty from the top banner
    • Click Helpdesk
    • or Scroll to the bottom of the TWU website, and under the Resources section, click Information Technology

  2.  Click on the appropriate Department

    • This will take you to the Service catalog. 
    • Click on the appropriate Department you require assistance from.

  3. Sign In

    • You will need to sign in.  Click Sign In.

  4. Use the following format to log in.  

    • Append the suffix or to your regular username
    • Use the second example if you have a legacy account.

      A.  Standard Login:


      B.  Legacy Login

  5. Select a category


    If you know what kind of service you would like to request, click into the relevant category.  This will not only provide you with more information about the issue you may be having, but it will also help us connect you with a solution more quickly.  For example, click on Accounts & Access.  If at any point you don't know what category your request falls under, click Just Need Help? at the bottom of the page.

  6.  Select a Service


  7. Get Started or Create Ticket


    • Once you've clicked on a specific service, a brief description will appear, plus two options to actually create the ticket.  


  8. Fill out the specific form to initiate your request


    • Submit the Request by clicking the Request (Get Started) button at the bottom of the form






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