This is a TWU hosted file storage system much like dropbox.

You can share a link via your email to any email address you like.

To request an account, click here


User Tutorials

Owncloud has a few tutorials of their own:


*TWIT Recommends - generate a LINK to share via your email: 


(sharing via the application is not reliable - please generate a link and use your own email to share the link)


Explanation of the Browser interface: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/9.0/user_manual/files/access_webgui.html



OwnCloud Web Portal

IT recommends using the OwnCloud Web Portal when starting out with the OwnCloud software.

To access the web portal, go to the website owncloud.twu.ca and enter the username and password provided by IT after you request an account to log in and get started.


Desktop Application

For advanced users, the Desktop Application can be a useful tool for managing your OwnCloud. However IT recommends using the web portal (details above) for casual OwnCloud use.


The desktop app for Windows, Mac, or mobile device, can be downloaded here:


Server: owncloud.twu.ca


Clear your Owncloud Recycle Bin

If you use Owncloud a lot and are deleting files, they will stay in a recycle bin that can be using up your storage and the resources of TWU

Log into your account in a browser and find the deleted files


Check all, and Delete.


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