Mobile Devices: Email Setup

Download Email App of your Choice

Make sure your cell phone or tablet has a mail application installed, such as Outlook, or Apple's Mail app.

These instructions are based on iPhone setup, but the general steps are also helpful for Android. 


Basic Email Setup

  1.  Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Accounts & Passwords.


  1. Click on Add Account then Exchange.  If you already have other email accounts, Add Account will be at the bottom of the list. Enter your email address and whatever description you prefer.


  1.  Enter your trinity email and password.  


  1. Read and accept the terms.


  1. Choose what you would like to sync from your account.


  1. Click Save. You're all set up!
  2. If your app asks for more information, make sure to enter the following:


Email: "youremail" 
Domain: (leave blank) 
Username: "youremail" *if you have a legacy account, your login is different from your email address. [e.g.  (] 
Password: your regular password



Advanced Email Setup

  1.  You may be asked for incoming and outgoing protocols when setting up your email.  If you are, enter the following information:

    IMAP Settings 

Server name: 
Port: 993 
Encryption method: SSL 


SMTP Settings 

Server name: 
Port: 587 
Encryption method: TLS 





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