Printing on Campus

Printing Costs

Black & White: $0.08 per image
Color: $0.20 per image


Printing Charges

All students can print at selected labs with a PaperCut account. Your account is automatically set up as soon as you log in to a lab computer.

To obtain printing credit you have 4 options:

  • purchase a print card from the library
  • purchase a print card from grad collegium
  • add cash to your account on terminal at library copier

OR: add credit with major credit card through PaperCut on lab computer (instructions below).


Credit Card Payment

1.  Click "Details" on the PaperCut popup on the upper right hand of the screen.

2. Login to papercut using your TWUPass username and password (the same info you logged into the computer with).

3. At the left hand menu, click "Add Credit Via Credit Card" 

4. Select the amount to add (either $5 or $10) and click "Add Value"

5. Enter your credit card information and click "Process Transaction" 

If you have an issue with print charges, you can check your balance and print history when you log onto a lab computer.

You will see a pop up window for PaperCut when you log on. You can click more details on this window to see your account transaction history.





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