Adding Students to a Class on Turnitin

Adding Students to a Class

This is the recommended method for adding students to your class.

  1.  Provide the students with the Class ID and the password you created for the class.

The Class ID is listed next to the class name, and the password is listed when you click the Edit button  next to the class on your home page.



Manually Adding Students to a Class

  1.  Click on your class.

  2.  Click on Students.

  3.   There are two ways to add students.  You can either add them one-by-one manually, or you can upload a list of them all at once.
    1.  Click Add Student.  Enter in their information, then click Submit.

    2.  Click Upload Student List.  Click Choose File and select a file you've already saved on your computer.  Click Upload List once you've selected the file.  The file should follow the format described on the upload page, which will look like this:


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