Logging into your Library Account

Log in to the Library

*Note: If you are a new student and have not yet paid your deposit, you will not be able to access your library account until the Office of the Registrar has processed your deposit.

  1.  In your browser, navigate to www.twu.ca.
  2.  At the top-left of the screen, click on Students, then in the drop down menu that appears, click on Library.

  3.  To access research Journals, click on Articles (Databases).

  4.  Click on the appropriate department for the research you want to do.  For example, click Nursing.
  5.  Clicking on a specific database will prompt you to log in with your TWU account.

* Login with your TWU email:   username@mytwu.ca and password



Unable to Connect from Home

If you are unable to access the library from off campus, there may be something blocking your attempt to reach the server.  


Common Issues:

  1.  Your antivirus could be blocking access.  Some popular antivirus programs, such as Kaspersky, have known issues connecting to our library.  Please temporarily disable or pause your antivirus and try again.
  2.  Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a built-in firewall on your WiFi or Ethernet.  You will need to contact your ISP to make sure that their firewall is not preventing you from accessing our library.
  3. You may be temporarily blocked if you entered the wrong login information too many times. Wait 30 minutes and try again.


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