Media Creation Tips

Below is a list of some of our favourite media creation tips.


Table of Contents

Making Movies with PowerPoint

Screen Recording

Camera Apps

Video Editing

Audio Apps


Making Movies with PowerPoint

Did you know that PowerPoint can do more than make a slide show? Watch the video below to find out how you can turn your slideshow into a full video presentation.


Screen Recording


This next one is a freemium screen recorder. What we mean by that is that the free version is basic and very functional, but to edit with this tool requires you to purchase a plan. Why do we like it? It’s pretty easy to use and it’s another option if you’re not a Powerpoint or Zoom fan.

Screencast-o-matic Tutorial

Faculty, If you've tried the free version SOM and you like it, you can request the full version through TWIT.

Zoom - More Than Just a Meeting Space

Most people think that Zoom is only for meetings; however, it works well as a recording tool too with some handy features to boot.



Camera Apps

Recording great quality video from a smartphone isn’t too difficult, but you may need to think re-think your setup.



Video Editing


  • Very fast for trimming or adding clips together
  • Limited capabilities
  • A little unintuitive




  • Simple
  • Solid editing functionality



Windows 10 Video Editor

  • Included with Windows 10
  • Simple
  • Gimmicky


Davinci Resolve

  • Super powerful
  • Professional grade
  • Requires a powerful computer
  • Not super intuitive
  • Great option for a would-be professional editing



Audio Apps is a free smartphone app for either iOS or Android (you can also upload from your computer) that allows users to quickly and easily record, upload, and share audio files. Keep in mind that 'ease-of-use' often means 'limited options', and this is certainly the case with There is very little that you can do to edit your recordings after the fact, so you may have to record multiple times. Take a few minutes to download the app, or go to the site on your computer, and listen to some of the recordings that are posted there, then record a clip or two yourself.


Soundcloud is another free (with a paid 'Pro' option) service that allows you to record and upload audio files. One advantage of SoundCloud is that it is extremely easy to embed a file in WordPress. All you need to do is copy/paste the URL from your uploaded file into its own line in a WordPress post or page, and WordPress will automatically display a SoundCloud player and embed the file into your post. Create an account at Soundcloud and record or upload a clip.


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