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Checking Your Internet Connection Speed

If you are a classroom participant using video conferencing software (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.), it is recommended to use an internet connection speed of 20Mbps or greater. You can check your connection speed at

Improving your Speed

What causes poor connection speeds?

Aside from low bandwith, the method you use to connect to your network can also impact your speed.  A wireless connection can suffer from signal interference (competing networks, other electronic 'noise'), or heavy traffic usage (too many devices trying to connect wirelessly).

Connecting with a Wired Connection

To improve the consistency and quality of your video conferencing calls, you may choose to connect to your network with a wired connection instead of relying on Wi-Fi.  An ethernet cable (as pictured above)  plugged directly from a router (or an ethernet port) to your computer will likely improve your connection speed and consistency. If you do not have an ethernet port on your computer you can purchase a dongle. See our hardware recommendations page.

Other Factors

Other users or devices accessing your local network will impact your internet connection speed. Streaming services (Netflix, Disney +, etc.), online video games, or heavy downloading could impact the quality and consistency of your video conferencing calls. If you are experiencing stability issues, consider asking members of your household to limit their network usage.




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