Moodle 4.0 - Key Features

TWU is upgrading to Moodle 4.0 in the summer of 2022. This upgrade is focused on improving the user experience, making it easier for instructors and students to navigate the site. This upgrade includes new features improving the user experience, including: 


Moodle 4.0 features a new dashboard with a My Courses page to see all your courses, a Timeline section to see your upcoming deadlines, and easy to access information about the Library, Learning Commons and Online Learning Resources at the bottom of the page: 

Moodle 4.0 Dashboard

Edit Mode

A new edit mode button at the top right of the screen make it quick and easy to turn editing on and off.

Edit Mode

Course Index

The left side menu is now an index to the course, making it easier to navigate courses with lots of content. Individual sections can be toggled open or closed. For students, coloured green status dots indicate activity completion.

Course Navigation

More Features for Moodle 4.0

Check out this resource for more Moodle Features coming with Moodle 4.0: Moodle New Features

You can also watch a series of Videos posted by Moodle on YouTube about the upcoming new features: 

If you have any questions about Moodle or the Moodle 4.0 upgrade, please contact the Service Hub to submit a Ticket. 


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