Adding or Editing the Service Associated with a Ticket

Why is it important for each ticket to have the correct Service selected?

Most of our service request forms come with the service pre-populated. Tickets generated through email do not. The benefit of associating each ticket with a service is for reporting purposes. Reports can be generated that show how many tickets there have been per service.

How to add/edit Service for a ticket

1) Click on the ticket you wish to add/edit the Service for.

2) Once in the ticket, click Edit

3) Search under the Service field for the correct Service and select it (click into the categories HERE to look through names for most student facing services)

4) Click Save

Please Note:

With the new TD update, the default search when you're adding a service to a ticket only shows the TWU Client Portal. If you cannot find the service you are looking for, you will need to change "Search In" to be All Client Portals (see screenshot). While most services should already appear, some frequently used services (such as Housing) were created in their own portal and so won't show unless All Client Portals is selected.



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