Ticket Classifications

TD requests can be set as 1 of 6 classifications based on ITIL.


*Project Requests are a separate class and application and not related. Projects have their own list of Classifications managed within their own environment.

Every request of any classification should be related to a Service offered. 


Creating a Ticket

The Classification is built into the form. 

Service Catalog

When initiating a request through the catalog, a form is already associated and therefore a classification will be declared.


Most email handlers declare a default form & classification. 


Requests can be created and edited via TDNext. Here you can change the classification (with permission).


Classifications in Use and Defined


The incident class is used for identifying a service that is not working or reduced in quality, or suffered an interruption.

Typically these have a higher impact to customers and thus increase the priority of the request. The importance of communicating a resolution time target is far more important to restore normal service operations. 


Major Incident

no currently in use



Problem refers to a cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents.

This class can be used to group multiple requests under a parent issue that requires investigation.



Change refers to the addition, deletion, and modification of anything that could have effect on service(s).

Change Management is a larger practice that involves multiple levels to maximize the number of successful IT changes by managing risk, including authorization, and managing a schedule.



not currently in use


Service Request

A Service request is a request from a user that initiates a service action with has been agreed as a normal part of service (value) delivery.

These are formalized with a clear standard procedure for initiation, approval, fulfilment, and management.




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