View My Student Statement

When trying to download your Student Statement, there are a couple steps to take.

  1. Log in to You will use your TWU Account Information to login.
  2. Click on "Statement".

  3. Choose "Update Account" within the green box on the main part of the page.

  4. This will bring up a load window that says "Please Wait. Retrieving Account Information". You don't need to do anything and this window will automatically close when done.

  5. When the system is finished loading, you will see that the main page says "Success! Your statement is ready!", click on that.

  6. You will be prompted to log in to TWU Pass. 

  7. After that the statement should download as a PDF attachment.


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Tue 9/21/21 1:12 PM
Fri 9/24/21 8:57 AM