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NEW STUDENT SETUP (or students who have forgotten their password)

If you have never signed in to Trinity Western University (TWU) before to access TWU resources (or have forgotten your password), please click here, and then for either situation follow the quick 3 steps below:

1) click Forget Password and

2) Enter your Summit Pacific College (SPC) email address (typically in the format The only time you will use your SPC email is to set or reset your password. You will NOT use your SPC email address to sign in to access TWU Resources.

*If you see the following error message: We cannot find that email address or student ID number in our academic records. Please try another email address or submit a request for help, please try using your personal email address (instead of your SPC one). A link will be sent to your email that will include your TWU Account username and TWU Student ID number, and allow you to set or reset your password. 

3) After you have clicked on the link and set or reset your password, please go back to this page and sign in.

Your login for accessing TWU resources is always the password you just set with as your TWU Account username.

For example, if your name is John Smith, your TWU Account username will be

***You will NEVER login to TWU with your Summit (or personal) email address. 

*The username for some students has a number attached to the end (ex. Your username will be provided to you in the email you are sent when you set or reset your password.


Congratulations! Your TWU Account is now set up! Please first WAIT AN HOUR and then see below for a list of resources and services that you will now be able to access.


List of Services/Resources

Use to login to the resources below.

NOTE: If you have NEVER signed in, or have just changed your password, you will need to wait an HOUR before you will be able to access any of the below resources.

*If you are still unable to login after following the instructions under New Student Setup and waiting an hour for your account to sync, please click here to submit a helpdesk ticket.

(The login page to access the above resources will look like this!) 

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