What Is The MBA Payment Schedule?

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When Are My Payments Due?

Your Financial Statement displays a Payment Schedule, your First Payment will be due on the following dates:

Fall First Payment Deadline: August 15

Spring First Payment Deadline: December 15

Summer First Payment Deadline: April 15





Summary for the example image:

-838 + 11,141 - 3,500 = $6,803.00 owing for the current semester. Breaking down the total due: 1232.50 is due on Sep 15, 2785.25 is due Oct 15, and 2782.25 is due Nov 15. This student has already covered the first payment, which is due Aug 15.

The first payment of the semester secures your registration in courses.


* If you started the MBA program between two payment dates, you need to pay the amount owing for any previous balance on top of the next closest installment. 

How Do I Pay?

Check here for how to pay 


To understand how to read your financial statement, click here 

If you would like a customized payment plan, please contact the office of the registrar 


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