Employee Return to Campus FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from employees.

If you don't find your answer here, please contact the Service Hub.


Network Connections

Help me Connect my TWU Computer to TWUStaff Wifi

IT recommends connecting your TWU issued computer to the Staff Wifi when on campus. They should connect automatically.

If you have been off campus for a while, you may need to Renew your Staff Wifi Network Certificate, please feel follow the instructions here for Windows and here for Apple.


Help me Connect my Personal Device to TWU Wifi

If you would like access to the TWU Wifi on your TWU-issued phone, personal phone, or personal computer, please follow the instructions listed here.


My Desk Phone Isn't Connected

With office moves please note that your phone must be connected to a network port in the wall. For more information see here.


I Need a Network Cable

If you need a Network Cable, stop by the new Service Hub at the Reimer Building (across from Outfitters) to get one.


Presenting from a Laptop

I Need an Adaptor

First check with the admin in your area as they may have a spare. If not you can contact IT 


I'm Connected but Nothing Happens

Check that the connection is fully seated on both ends. Press (Windows key) + P to toggle your screen options.



I Can't Print from My Computer

If you need help connecting your TWU Issued Computer to the printers, please follow these instructions.

If you need to print from your personal computer please follow these instructions.



I Don't Know/Understand an Acronym 

If you need help understanding an Acronym that is being used on TWU, please refer to this list.



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