Submitting an Assignment

Instructors often allow students to submit assignments online through assignment dropboxes which can be accessed through Moodle.

To learn how to submit an assignment on Moodle, follow the instructions below:

Dropbox Submission

Click on the assignment dropbox for the particular assignment that you wish to submit.

Once the assignment is open.

You can review assignment details, submission date and other criteria, when ready click on "Add Submission."


A new window will open.

Upload your file by clicking on the Arrow icon or by dragging the file into the dropbox.


Arrow Icon Instructions

For uploading files from your computer, Select "Upload a file", next "Choose file".

Locate the file your wish to upload. Click "Open", then "Upload this file".

It might take a moment to upload.


Once upload is completed

Once you have selected the correct document, choose"Save changes".


You can submit or edit your submission here.

Once you have competed the task and uploaded the file you desire, you can click "Submit assignment", then select "Continue".


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