Directed Study Guidelines & Process

Before recommending a Directed Study to a student, please note the following:

  • Students can only complete a maximum of 4 DS courses throughout their degree
  • DS courses follow the regular semester dates and need to be completed BEFORE the end of a semester

If all the above has been considered, and a student still requires a Directed Study, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. The student will ask the instructor if the instructor would be willing to do a Directed Study. The student needs a valid reason for being unable to take a regular course instead. (Please note that instructors are NOT obligated to agree to conduct a Directed Study). 
  2. If the instructor agrees, the student will request a Directed Study form via a Help Desk ticket. The student will fill out SECTION A, sign it, and email the form to the instructor.
  3. The instructor will fill out SECTION B of the application, create a course syllabus, and send it to the Department Chair** or Dean.
  4. If the Department Chair approves, the form is sent to the Dean for approval.**
  5. If the Dean approves, the Dean will complete SECTION C and have the Faculty Secretary/Program Administrator submit the completed form & course syllabus to the Registrar's Office via a Help Desk ticket. The Faculty Secretary/Program Administrator should save the syllabus in NOAHSRV & email the student and instructor to confirm that the Directed Study has been approved.
  6. Shari Morehouse will receive the Help Desk ticket, create the course in Jenzabar, and register the student.
  7. Program Administrator/Faculty Secretary to notify Ann about DS to set-up instructor's contract.
  8. The student will pay the tuition as they normally would.

** This is only a step in some cases -- please refer to the appropriate form for instructions.

If a student wants to drop the course, please see below:

  • If the student drops before add/drop, there will be a $75 drop fee.
  • If the student withdraws after add/drop, the normal withdraw/refund policy will apply.
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