Verification Letters Routing Process

All Verification Letter requests for TWU GLOBAL students must be processed through their Program Co-ordinators/Accounts Co-ordinators first. 

When a Ticket is received in the GLOBAL helpdesk, please follow the following steps:

  1. Check the Student's Intent (to identify program) & Location 
  2. Based on the information above, re-assign the ticket as per the following -- please find intents for each program can be found here:
    • MA Lead Langley – Jane Zhang
    • ADC, UT-1, IDC Langley  – David Smith
    • BA Lead Richmond  – Richmond Front Desk 
    • MA Lead Richmond – Susan/Zihan Deng
  3. Once Program Co-ordinators/Accounts Co-ordinators have reviewed the accounts & the letters are ready to be processed, please MOVE the ticket to the Registrar's Helpdesk, and add a comment that notifies them that the account is clear & that the letter can be processed. 


** Please note that this process remains even if the student does not have an outstanding balance.

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