How To Uninstall Office 2016



To Uninstall from a PC

  • Step 1: Open Control Panel, and then click the Uninstall a program link under Programs.

    • Note: If you do not see "Programs", select "View by" in the upper right corner and ensure "Category" is selected

      Click Uninstall a program
    • Step 2: On the Programs and Features panel, select the Microsoft Office 2016 program, right click on it, and then select Uninstall.

      Select uninstall

    • Step 3: Click Uninstall.

      Click Uninstall

    • Step 4: Wait while removing Office. This will take several minutes.


    • Step 5: When uninstalling is done, click Close, and you are recommended to restart your computer to remove some possible remaining files.

      Uninstalling done


To Uninstall from a Mac


Remove Office 2016 for Mac applications

  • Step 1: Open Finder > Applications.

  • Step 2: Command + click to select all of the Office 2016 for Mac applications.

  • Step 3: Ctrl+click an application you selected and click Move to Trash.

    Move the Office apps to the trash


Remove files from your user Library folder

To remove files from your user Library folder, you'll need to first set the Finder View options.

  • Step 4: In Finder, press Command + Shift+h.

  • Step 5: On the Finder menu at the top, click View > as List, and then click View > Show View Options.

  • Step 6: In the View Options dialog box, select Show Library Folder and save.

Show library files setting in Finder View options

  • Step 7: Back in Finder, open Library > Containers and ctrl+click each of these folders and Move to Trash. Not all of these folders may be present.










  • Step 8: Click the back arrow to go back to the Library folder and open Group Containers. Ctrl+click each of these folders if present, and Move to Trash.

    • UBF8T346G9.Office

    • UBF8T346G9.OfficeOsfWebHost


Remove from dock and restart

  • Step 9: If you put any of the Office applications in your dock, go to each one and ctrl + click > Options > Remove from Dock.

    Remove from dock

  • Step 10: Restart your Mac to complete the uninstall.



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